Fertilisers and composts

Fertilisers and composts

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    Cactus Focus Drip Feeders


    Cactus Focus Drip Feeders contain a superior liquid formulated and manufactured in the UK for healthy growth and flowering of the widest range of cacti and succulents. Available in 38ml Gravity dispenser, singly or in  Pack of 6 x 38 ml. 

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    Cactus Focus Fertiliser has been specially formulated for cacti and succulents for healthy growth and flowering. 

    Currently 2 sizes. 

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    Designed for best results with a wide range of cacti and succulents

    Two sizes 2 litre or 8 litre

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    Cactus Shop Cactus Compost


    Based on the top USA award-winning soil formula for cacti. Light and free-draining. Our own mix, made on site. Available only from us. Peat-free.

    Product available with different options
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    Carnivorous Plant Repotting...


    While stocks last. Discontinued!

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    Horticultural Grade Pumice

    Sold as 2L or 4L of Pumice 4-8mm
    No other soil amendment is as widely used by succulent growers and collectors as pumice. Here’s why. 
    — Pumice enhances drainage.
    — It absorbs excess moisture so roots don’t rot in wet weather.
    — It holds onto moisture.
    — It releases moisture slowly, and at a steady rate.
    — Tiny pores on the surface act as microscopic reservoirs to store moisture and nutrients.
    — It helps to aerate the soil. (Plant roots need oxygen.)
    — It doesn’t decompose, rot or blow away.
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    Perlite 8L


    Improves aeration and drainage

    8 litre bag

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    SB Plant Invigorator


    Pesticide, mildewicide and foliar feed, all in one!

    Kills mealy bug, scale insect and  red spider!